Inity. Judicator In'Tajer (inity) wrote in absinthelovers,
Inity. Judicator In'Tajer

Absinthe in Paris (need info!)


My friend goes to France two days later, and we love absinthe very much. Does anybody know places in Paris where you can buy good absinthe? Not online shops, but real shops. When he was in France last time, he was told by a Paris citizen that absinthe is still forbidden, so he didn't search!..

And, we would be grateful for recommendations which french absinthes are worthy to taste. I only tried Oxygenee and Pernod Absinthe once.

Thanks in advance!
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Why, the famous Vert d'Absinthe of course :)

Ha! Beat me to it.
Thanks to you both, guys :)
There's the Absinthe Museum, but that's actually in Auvers-sur-Oise a little way out of Paris.
Yes, I know. And I want my friend to visit this place. I started searching at Google, but can't find travel information (how to get there from Paris), ony found the address and times when the museum is open.

Luc is a pleasure to talk to and incredibly knowledgeable. He has a lovely selection and is more than happy to accommodate a little tasting for his customers. Just tell your friend to make sure he has plenty of money. It isn't easy leaving his shop empty handed.
Also note that Luc doesn't always open his shop in the mornings.

Afternoons are definitely best.
If your friend doesn't mind taking a side trip, there's an express train that goes between Paris and Barcelona. It's always been legal in Spain, though you have to look around a bit. I liked Barcelona better, anyway.
Whoa, Barcelona, I don't think my friend would have the time, he only goes to Paris for a week... but I might have in mind this opportunity when I'll be travelling around Europe this summer (and I would be travelling for a couple of months, if everything would work well for me! =)
Absinthe isn't banned in Paris. It's just kind of . . . um . . . weird? You can get it in bars but you have to ask for it specifically as if it is out on one of the shelves (which it isn't a lot of the time) it's label is turned towards the wall.