Absynthesis Happens (absynthesis) wrote in absinthelovers,
Absynthesis Happens

New Maintainer for Absinthe Lovers

Hello Absinthe Lovers,

I've been asked to take over maintenance of the Absinthe Lovers community.  I don't expect much will change, other than the fact that the community will actually have a maintainer.  I'm not a very active LJ'er, but I will check in regularly to make sure everything is running smoothly and ya'll aren't setting one another on fire.  There have been a few small changes to the guidelines, which are only meant to prevent spam.

Anyone is welcome to join; this community is very lightly moderated, however, we do have some guidelines we'd like everyone to be aware of.

• No spam. This includes club postings.
• Large images must be put behind a cut.
• Off topic posts not related to absinthe will be deleted.
• Any member who is abusive to another member, or continues to post off topic messages, will be removed.

This is a community for people who love absinthe to come and discuss it. We are all here to enjoy our drinks!

Have fun!
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