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Absinthe-related movie screenshots...

I was taking screenshots from these movies recently, adding them to my movie reviews (in russian) - may be someone here will be interested in these pics too :) They can be
probably used for making userpics, I already made one for myself ...

(Under lj-cuts are links to pics, not pics themselves)

Black-and-White rendered Paris. The promising start.
The inspiring conditions for creativity.
Lautrec with friends invite Cristian to join the bohemian life.
Cristian "performs the sacred ritual"
Weird mix of czech and french rites.
The word of fate came to writer's life...
Kylie Minogue as Green Fairy.
The Fairy has come!
Beautiful hallucinations with green fairies...
Lautrec is truly "live absinthe advertisement"
Necessary attribure of creative person.
Lautrec's buddies.
Lautrec with "green stuff" again.
Lautrec looks at the absinthe glass with true adoration.

And more:

+ Few free usericons made from "From Hell"&"Moulin Rouge" screenshots ...
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