Inity. Judicator In'Tajer (inity) wrote in absinthelovers,
Inity. Judicator In'Tajer

Absinthe in Dorian Gray movie

Just saw the movie "Dorian Gray". And, even if I didn't like the movie much, I definitely loved the little moment with absinthe glass in the very beginning.
I was disappointed that Dorian became more addicted to brandy... but well, he was a bad guy and he wasn't worthy to be in love with green fairy! :)

Aww :)

...and so I decided to finish my last bottle of dr.Hyde...
Most likely dr.Hyde is crappy compared to good french or spanish absinthes. But we haven't seen good brands in russian liquor stores for ages. All is occupied by "Dreams" and "Xenta", which are tolerable only as cocktail ingredients.
I think soon I will try online shopping, if any store will offer delivery to Russia. I really can't live without my favorite drink...
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