Abraxas (abraxas) wrote in absinthelovers,

MARTEAU Absinthe de la Belle Époque

Hi folks,

I'm very happy (and proud) to announce the US release of MARTEAU Absinthe de la Belle Époque.

This absinthe is completely different from last year's Swiss release, Marteau Verte Classique (discontinued). 

I personally distill Marteau at
House Spirits Distillery in Portland OR, and after over a year of planning and collaboration, Marteau Belle Époque is finally in the liquor stores and bars of Oregon.   Wider distribution and online sales at DrinkUpNY.com, will follow shortly.

We're planning a number of local events in the coming months, many of which will be open to the public free of charge (you must be 21 or over).

I'm very pleased with this absinthe and I believe you will be too. I've managed to craft a delicious, 100% authentic, belle époque style absinthe without cutting corners or compromising on either quality or historic authenticity.

I've spared no expense—in formula, process or packaging—to create a completely accurate expression of the finest absinthe of the pre-ban era, and the first of its kind to be legally made and sold in the United States: from the historic formula,  the classic label and hand driven cork to the tinfoil finish.  The base is 100% pure grape spirits, the botanicals are all top-quality and fresh, many are locally sourced.  The Artemisia absinthium wormwood is grown for me in Montana.

When prepared with 1 part absinthe to 5 parts water and sweetened to your taste, Marteau Belle Époque has a soft, light herbal balance and a deep complexity of flavor and aroma that is precisely in line with absinthes of the pre-ban era.

I feel fully confident that if you're seeking the true belle époque absinthe experience - in appearance, aroma, taste and sensation, Marteau Belle Époque will bring you that experience.

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