LOBA (lo8a) wrote in absinthelovers,

Shipping from U.K. to U.S.

I'm trading art to a good friend in exchange for some genuine absinthe. What is the best way to ship a bottle from the U.K. to the U.S.? Any pitfalls to avoid or anything else I should be aware of? How can I deter Customs from getting too interested?

Sorry for the dumb question but I've never had it shipped from the U.K. as a gift (instead of a purchase from a company) before and my friend is a little concerned that she is going to get in trouble or something.

Many thanks in advance!
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It's legal in the US now, so there shouldn't be any real problem. Your friend should just as the postal service what is the preferred way to ship liquor or wine.
Also there's no custom charge for alcohol as long as it's 2 bottles or less. So there's no worries there either. You'll most likely have to pick it up at your local post office and present them with your over 21 I.D. card though if they know it's liquour.
Have it labeled glassware or massage oils or the like, many of the couriers ship like that. Also many staes do not allow alcohol to be shipped into the state (NC, where I am at being one of them)
Also you should remember that you can't ship alcohol via the US postal service, you'll need to use a private courier. Not really a problem, most shops selling it already know this :)