Jaenanda (jaenanda) wrote in absinthelovers,

"South" and "North" wormwood?

I like to consider myself fairly educated when it comes to absinthe. I know the beverage's history, general components (and variations), and I've had the opportunity to sample a number of really delicious imported absinthes.

I'm not one of those absinthe drinkers who claims to be all-knowing on the subject, but I know I'm fairly knowledgeable, and I have never, ever, ever heard of a distinction between "south" wormwood and "north" wormwood in absinthe. Nor have I heard one iota about "south" wormwood being the form found in legal, US absinthe, whereas "north" wormwood, presumably, is the "real" stuff, withheld from absinthe imported to the US.

I couldn't find any information regarding this online, either, so I turn to you, dear lj, to educate me, because I just got into a semi-argument with a yuppie jackass in my store who saw fit to "educate" me on "real" absinthe, and I admit I'd never heard about "south" and "north" wormwood. Was there any validity to said yuppie's claim, or was I, in fact, right in telling him that his statements weren't entirely valid and anyway, have a "great" day?

I'd hate to be wrong, but maybe I was?
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